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When Should I Do Yoga?

You should do yoga when your body is vital and strong, your muscles taut and sinewy, ready to bend backwards, float forwards, rise up.
You should do yoga when your day weighs heavily in your limbs and heart. Let it help you to shake off the fatigue, gratefully accepting the breath and energy of those sharing the practice with you.
You should do yoga when you’re too busy to do yoga, when you are hustling and spinning and tumbling. When grounding your feet and being still feels at once futile and relieving.
You should do yoga when you’re bored, delighting in the wonder of your own body moving through space, waking up to the spectacle that is your life.
You should do yoga when you’ve received good news from your doctor. Practice as an homage to your body and health. Celebrate!
And when you’ve received bad news from your doctor, do yoga then as well, knowing that no matter what is to come, in this moment you have your breath. And in this one, too. And this one.
You should do yoga when you are in the flush of love, when your body is on fire. Move in tribute to your lover. Take care of the body you are offering.
You should do yoga when you’re heartbroken, assured that your tears will be camouflaged by your sweat. Let them flow.
And when you’re lonely, yoga will bring you closer to yourself, your breath and awareness like kind, soft-spoken companions.
You should do yoga when you want to and when you don’t want to; when you think you can and when you think you can’t. Because every moment of your life deserves that you be awake to it.
You should do yoga.

[By Joanna Thurlow Murphy]

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