Joanna Thurlow

Joanna Thurlow-Murphy  || moksha | moksha flow | yin | yang-yin | level 2 |

Joanna Thurlow got an inkling that perhaps teaching yoga was the thing for her when she realized she was sitting in a university classroom for hours, thinking about prayer twist. “Hm,” she thought. “I think I like yoga more than I like linguistics. I don’t want to be a prof. I want to be a yoga teacher.” She handed in her thesis, and left for Moksha teacher training the very next day. Joanna is both the studio’s owner, and one of its teachers, and students who find themselves in one of her classes should expect to find gentle encouragement to lean in to challenges, whether that’s a challenging pose, or going a little more deeply into a familiar posture. Students will also benefit from Joanna’s approach to adjustments, which can range from a little spine massage during pigeon, to a simple alignment tweak to increase the safety and benefit of a given pose. Joanna credits yoga with helping her develop deeper self-awareness, and with helping her finally be able to touch her toes. Both, she says, the result of her simple philosophy as it relates to yoga: just keep showing up.