Inspired Life Membership



To us, there is nothing more inspiring than committing to living your happiest, healthiest life… and that’s why we created this 3 Year Unlimited Membership.

3 years of unlimited yoga, barre & Pilates for just $1999 (taxes in) – that’s just $55 a month, all you can sweat!

Is it a big commitment? Heck, yeah! But is there anything more worthy of your time, your discipline, your money? If you believe (as we do) that when you’re at your best, you show up in the best way for your friends, your family, your work, then there’s no more worthy commitment to make than to your own self-care.

BUY NOW (and be sure to read the fine print, below!)

Here are the details:

  • This Membership can be used for all classes (except Karma & Yogassage) at Moksha Yoga Halifax
  • This Membership can be used at Moksha Yoga Halifax only, though Traveller’s Passes can be requested when visiting any of the other 83 Moksha /Modo locations worldwide
  • Inspired Life Members enjoy the same perks as our Committed Members – Traveller’s Passes, Buddy Passes, discounts on retail & workshops etc
  • There are strictly no refunds or extensions on any portion (used or unused) of this Membership;┬áif for some reason you are unable to use the full length of your Membership, you will be permitted to sell or gift the remaining portion to one person of your choice.
  • You must pay in full, up front, for this Membership
  • This deal is so good we can only sell 20 of them!