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When Should I Do Yoga?

You should do yoga when your body is vital and strong, your muscles taut and sinewy, ready to bend backwards, float forwards, rise up. You should do yoga when your day weighs heavily in your limbs and heart. Let it help you to shake off the fatigue, gratefully accepting the breath and energy of those… More details

Thailand Yoga Teacher Training 107

Everything Else Is Just the Weather

Work. Kids. Money. Relationships. Despite my best efforts to stay focused as I practice, these are the things that often come up when I’m on my mat. Sometimes, either consciously or unconsciously, I indulge myself a little bit, and allow myself to dig in to these distractions, but inevitably (and sometimes more quickly than others)… More details

Joanna Thurlow

12 Years of Moksha

What I’ve Learned from 12 Years of Moksha Twelve years ago today, I wandered into Moksha Yoga London for my first ever hot yoga class, completely unaware of how much my life was about to change. Now, more than a decade (and countless sweaty classes!) later, my love for Moksha still burns bright. Though I’m… More details

Jenn Knocton

#HOMYhali: Jenn Knocton

Hey there! My name is Jenn, I’m 33 and I am a barber at Saint Lou’s Barbershop. I’ve bounced back and forth from coast to coast for the last 12 years but always return to Halifax as my home base. If I’m not behind my chair or on my mat….. I’m swimming laps, checking out… More details


#HOMYhali: Veronica Baker

My name is Veronica. I’m an accountant at a law firm and to answer that burning question – yes, my life is just like The Accountant movie. I’m a tad bit Type A – I love learning new Excel tricks and get truly bummed out when people use unprofessional fonts at work. I love animals… More details


#HOMYhali: Leslie Evans

Hi, I’m Leslie! I’m 26, work at an investment firm and I’ve lived in Halifax my whole life.  I love big cities, even bigger coffees and any given weekend (or night) you’ll find me doing yoga, baking cupcakes, having brunch, eating fries and drinking cider with my friends. Except for Sundays, because they’re for watching… More details


#HOMYhali: Clarissa Long

Hi, I’m Clarissa. I’m originally from Vancouver, BC and a few years ago I moved from coast to coast to go back to school. I’m in my final year at NSCAD and my major is in Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing. I dream of one day having a studio by the sea and although it will… More details


#HOMYhali: Sarah McCrory

Hi all! My name is Sarah and I’m a 31-year-old recently graduated social worker. I moved to Halifax 2 years ago from Montréal to go to Dal and I’m not sure I’m ever leaving, I do speak french and still put my dollar signs after the numbers though. I am a breast cancer survivor and I… More details


#HOMYhali: Ashley Jakubow

My name is Ashley and I am an Account Manager with Murphy’s and Ambassatours. I grew up in the mountains in Canmore, Alberta. I came to Halifax 9 years ago for university and never left, so I guess I am officially a proud Nova Scotian now. If you have spent any amount of time with… More details


#HOMYhali: Rose Zack

Hi, I’m The Rose Zack! I’m an arts/culture doer, dreamer and volunteer. I’m involved in several amazing cultural organizations, including Nocturne, ArtsScene, and the Atlantic Film Festival where I am responsible for the Volunteer Program and Community Outreach. Being a Calgary-to-Halifax transplant, I’ve found that an involvement in the arts culture here has been a wonderful way… More details