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#HOMYhali: Rose Zack

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Hi, I’m The Rose Zack! I’m an arts/culture doer, dreamer and volunteer. I’m involved in several amazing cultural organizations, including Nocturne, ArtsScene, and the Atlantic Film Festival where I am responsible for the Volunteer Program and Community Outreach. Being a Calgary-to-Halifax transplant, I’ve found that an involvement in the arts culture here has been a wonderful way… More details


#HOMYhali: Amy Parsons

My name is Amy. I am 34 and mentor ASL/English interpreters working with deaf children in public schools around the Maritimes. When not Moksha-ing, I’m studying to be a therapist, in the woods hiking, swimming, camping, or supporting BIPOCalypse and the Deaf community of Halifax. I practice yoga as a reminder to be present and… More details


HOMYhali: Debbie

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My name is Debbie and I am a self employed violin teacher / freelance violinist and have lived in northern Ontario and Ireland. I just returned from teaching at an amazing summer music camp in the Arctic. I am in my 40s and have been trying lots of new-to-me stuff this year embracing middle age adventures I guess…. More details

Posture Tips

We have 12 posture tips, one for each month of the year. Stay tuned for another 12 tips for your practice starting in the fall.